Evens Sports Bucket

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Evens Sports Bucket
Reviewed by: Jacob Slonaker
Category: Hunting Accessories
Recommended?: Yes

A few falls ago I purchased an Evens Sports Bucket. This bucket made my dove hunting much more enjoyable. For many seasons I went into the field baring nothing more than a five gallon bucket that I had spray painted black. I would use the bucket to carry my shells then when I got to my spot it would double as a seat. This was very uncomfortable and did not fit all my needs in the dove field. That all changed though when I got my Evens Field Bucket. This bucket is everything you need first it is completely camo. The inside of the bucket can be used as a cooler or you can remove the Styrofoam and have just a simple bucket. Another feature that I like about the Evens is the many pockets that it has it can easily hold your shells, sunglasses, lunch, or anything else you may need. To me the best part of the Evens is the swivel seat. That allows you to turn quickly on game in any direction. In my option this is a great bucket for anyone that likes to dove hunt.

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