Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp

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Reviewed by: Jacob Slonaker
Category: Flashlights, Lanterns, and Head Lamps.
Recommended?: Yes

Last hunting season I purchased a Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp. The headlamp seems to never fail to come in handy. The light is a LED that will burn for hours without changing the batteries (3 AAA). It is held on your head by an adjustable headband. What I like most about the headlamp is the freedom it gives you to use your hands while still lighting your way. I always struggled getting to my stand before daylight trying to carry my gun hunting equipment and a flashlight, but with the Princeton Headlamp that is no longer a problem. Once last season I shot a deer right before dark. I knew that it was going to be a difficult tracking job. I was amazed at how much my headlamp helped. There is no doubt that if I would have not had it with me the coyotes would have been enjoying my kill before I would have.

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