Traditions Muzzleloading Rain Gear

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Reviewed by: BruceBruce1959
Category: Firearms & Ammo
Recommended?: Yes
Availability at (Product Code: A1330)

It’s a very simple piece of gear but so valuable during inclement weather.

These 10 unique muzzle mitts keep rain, snow and other moisture out of your gun’s bore, the package also contains 10 cap guards to keep your percussion cap dry and in place.

I hunt in the rugged Northeastern part of the United States in Vermont where the weather can change from rain to a blinding snow without a moments notice.

I used to get many misfires because of moisture getting into the bore of my muzzleloader from rain or snow but thanks to the Traditions Muzzleloading rain gear I don’t have any more misfires ever and at the current price of just $4.99 a package how can you go wrong?

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