Remington Rifled Slug Barrel with Scope

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Reviewed by: Scooter
Category: Firearm Accessories
Recommended?: Yes

Earlier this year I purchased a Remington Rifled Slug Barrel with scope package. I already owned an 870 Remington shotgun and wanted to be able to convert it over for deer hunting too. The ammo I use with it is 3 inch Remington rifled slugs. It was easy to exchange the barrels and with a little practice I was ready for my hunting trip.

My first deer taken with the new set-up was at about 35 yards with the deer standing straight at me. I was lucky enough to place a kill shot in the neck. I now have taken a total of 4 deer with a shooting range of 30-40 yards.

I am quite pleased with the performance of the new slug barrel. Every time that I have not rushed my shot the gun has found its mark. I have used this slug barrel in warm weather and cols, wet and dry weather. I have no complaints about the slug barrel at all and look forward to using it again.

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