Tinks 69 Doe in Heat

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Reviewed by: Scooter
Category: Deer Calls and Scents
Recommended?: Yes

I just want to start by saying that I am normally skeptical of introducing any type of scent into the area that I am hunting that does not occur naturally. Nor do I believe that by using this scent that it is going to drift for miles through the woods drawing all bucks to me. Allowing me to pick over which buck to shoot because they are all attracted to my scent lure.

First I do think that you do have to use the Tink’s 69 very close to the start of the rut, during and right after. In other words, if the rut is not happening don’t waste the scent and your money. One thing that as hunterswe have going for us is that deer are naturally curious. When using Tink’s 69 this year this is what occured.

It was a cool mid-November morning with clear skies. I had set up a scent tag within 5 yards of an actual scrape, before daylight. I noticed that as the sun started coming up and was just barely able to begin making out the outlines of the forest floor from my tree stand that there was a deer sniffing my scent tag. It was only 40 yards from me but still to early to make out what type of deer was there. Even though the leaves where dry, the deer snuck away as quietly as it had came in. Gut feeling this was probably a buck.

Later that morning there was another deer sneaking through the thicket on a trail next to me. I thought it to was going to go by. But to my surprise it suddenly stopped and circled back and came to the scent. The doe seemed quite interested about this new doe scent in her area. Needing meat for the freezer I decided to shoot this deer.

Thinking back to last year when I harvested a young buck it to was attracted to my Tink’s 69 scent lure. I know this by how it went straight to the scent lure and bypassed the scrape that was right next to it.

I think that in the right setting that this scent lure can be very effective in attracting deer. However I am still waiting for it to bring in that state/world record buck. I guess thats why they call it hunting. Good luck on your hunts.

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