Primos Lil Can Hyper Doe Bleat

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Reviewed by: Lynn
Category: Other
Recommended?: Yes

This is the one call that gives me the feeling of hunting naked if I leave it at home. If you’re hunting for any type of deer its a great call to have. It has never brought in a massive wall
hanger for me but it sure does bring in a lot of does and some pretty decent bucks. It is a great tool to help fill your freezer with venison.

I have called in many does and had some bucks answer the call with some tending grunts. On the can itself it says it is intended for early season hunting but I have had sucessful hunts with it during the entire season.

They are not expensive and can be found anywhere online and in most stores. I do not think I have ever seen one for more than $10.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

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