Buck Bomb

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Reviewed by: Jeff Mead
Category: Hunting Extras
Recommended?: Yes

I have recently come across a new deer scent product that goes by the name of Buck bomb. It is a deer scent that comes in an aerosol can for easy application. It is available in 11 different varieties for several species of game. They are economical in that they come in 5.0 oz cans for approx 6.00 – 10.00 depending were you shop. Since thay are aerosol there is no screw top bottles to spill and no cotton balls or absorbent wicks to carry and worry about. You can spray it in small bursts on the trail to replace a drag linespray down a location such as a tree to provide a point of interest to the deer, take it up in the stand with you and spray a scent cover screen for yourself and or lock down the valve to lay down one intense fog that can cover a 1/4 mile in a 3mph breeze. The fog will continue to disperse for about 90 seconds. Ideal for those times you know the deer are there and vulnerable to scent attractants. The biggest disadvantage is that the valve tends to accumulate excess product and will dribble onto you fingers contaminating everything they come in contact with afterward. I have notified Buck bomb of these findings and have been advised it will be taken into consideration. I now carry several extra pair of latex gloves for scent application, this I feel is an unnecessary remedy, but it does solve the issue. Products are
available for deer, bear, elk, moose, muley, predator, hogand sika.

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