Summit Viper Treestand

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Review by Jeff Mead
Review by 10 point
Review by Jacob Slonaker

Reviewed by: Jeff Mead
Category: Treestands & Blinds
Recommended?: Yes
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I have been using the summit viper ss climbing tree stand now for 3 years. I had been using hang-on type stand for the previous 16 years brand name Loc-on. the summit viper exceeded my expectations of just providing an easier to setup stand by also providing a more stable, safer,and comfortable stand. I went from a stand that I had to be always alert to my footing and not falling asleep and falling out, to a stand that was equipt with a wrap around restraint and a TMA certification. the safety harness that comes with the stand also carries the TMA certification. since using the summit climber I have been able to ascend to hunting heights in the 20′ – 30′ range, being limited only by tree diameter reduction and comfort of being so high. The stand is so comfortable it is very easy to close your eyes and get some extra rest without the worry of falling out. the bottom platform fits into the upper section of the stand and comes complete with pack
straps for transporting the stand to your hunting location. it is adjustable for trees from 8″-20″ weighs in at 20lbs and has a max weight limit of 300lbs. However, you need trees that are straight and
not leaning with no branches in your climbing zone. if you decide to come down out of the stand for a break in the hunt, you will need to bring the entire stand back down to ground level each and every time
you decide this. although this is kind of an inconveience, the benefits I feel far outweigh them. The bottom line is no stand is going to be perfect for all situations but the summit viper ss is perfect for the situations it was ment for.

Reviewed by: 10 point
Category: Treestands & Blinds
Recommended?: Yes
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I will start with the cons of this product. First and foremost is the price this treestand will cost about $300. Another thing I don’t like is the fabric on the treestand. It is not very
durable and rips easy.

The pros are weight, comfort, easy mounting to the tree and easy to climb. I love the stand and I will sit in it all day long. It is like sitting in a recliner in a tree.

Reviewed by: Jacob Slonaker
Category: Treestands & Blinds
Recommended?: Yes
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I purchased a Viper SS Climbing Stand before last year before deer season. I had never owned a Climbing stand before and did not know what to expect. To my surprise it was easy to learn to climb with this stand. It also helped out a lot with my hunting. The stand is lightweight about 20 pounds comfortable to get in and out of the woods. I was able to hunt in places that I had not been able to before purchasing my stand. I really like this stand and I would recommend it to everything.

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