Tripod Game Hoist

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Tripod Game Hoist
Reviewed by: Jacob Slonaker
Category: Hunting Accessories
Recommended?: No

Last year I purchased a Tripod Game Hoist. In all the years past my family and I had cleaned our game in the outbuilding. With my brother, dad and me all hunting we would have to clean a lot of deer. And I got tired of all the clean up the blood and other things from the deer would all drip on to our rock floor and it was a mess. To fix our problem I purchase the Tripod Game Hoist. This allowed us to start cleaning our deer outside. The hoist has a pulley system that is really nice it makes lifting heavy deer easy. There was also many flaws with the hoist being only eight feet tall I found that I was cleaning most of the deer on my knees. Also the legs of the stand are to close and I could not move around the deer. All and all the hoist was not for me.


  • Lightweight
  • Can set up anywhere
  • Good lifting system


  • To low
  • Legs to close together

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