Schnee’s Hunter Pac Boots

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Schnee Pac Boots

Reviewed by: Ryan Mckinney
Category: Clothing
Recommended: Yes

About ten years ago I was looking to buy a new pair of hunting boots since my Rocky’s bit the dust after three years. I was looking for something that fit me better than the Rocky’s, and lasted longer. I ran across Schnees boots in the back of a hunting magazine and decided to give them a try, and they have been great ever since. These boots are the pac boots with a rubber lower that has an aggressive air bob sole. The uppers are oil treated leather. The boots have incredible traction, great ankle support and last forever. What I like about the Schnees is that they are American made in Bozeman, Montana, and they have a rebuild service. I had my hunters for about eight years and the sole were starting to show wear, so I sent them back and they replaced the lowers, the wool/thinsulate liners and re-oiled the uppers and had them back in about two weeks. Not bad for about 85$. Over all I can’t say enough about the Schnees, just a great long lasting, dry, comfortable, pair of boots.

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