Fieldline Small Pack

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Reviewed by: Mark
Category: Back Packs & Storage Gear
Recommended?: Yes

I like a small pack that is big enough to carry what I need but not bulky enough to slow me down. That is why I carry this little pack with me every trip into the woods. It’s big enough for the essentials you need when in the woods. I can squeeze a 20 oz drink, couple of candy bars, my can call, and a few extra rounds into the main part of the pack. In the front zipper enclosure I put my key wicks and doe in heat scent. What I like the best about it is the strap. When I put this strap over the shooting bar on my climbing stand it hangs at the perfect distance where I can reach it easily. It has zippers instead of velcro so it stays quiet when I start digging for a snack or a deer call. In my hang on stands its small enough for me to slide under the seat. I have hunted with this pack for at least 5 years now. Still no rips or holes and I have done my share of walking through the briar thickets. The only part that is velcro is on the back of it if you decide to carry it on your belt instead of using the strap. The only time I use it like this is if I am hunting off the ground and so the only time I have to hear the velcro is when I put it on. I hope I can find another small pack like this when this one needs to be retired.

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