NAP Thunderhead 100-Grain Broadheads

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Reviewed by: Cory
Category: Archery
Recommended?: Yes
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In todays modern broadhead era I believe these broadheads will become obsolete. I know alot of folks love these but I always struggled with getting consistent accuracy. They are bulky and require a little time to assemble them.

Unlike other broadheads you just take out of the box and start shooting. I was shooting some high quality arrows and could only find 2 out of my 6 arrows that would fly straight with these broadheads.

I will give them this though. The blades are sharp and the point of the broadheads are tough. If you did hit a deer with one I have no doubt that it would create a good size hole and you would be taking the deer home with you. Tough broadheads but inconsistent from an accuracy stand point.

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