Honda 400 ATV

Reviewed by: Lynn
Category: Optics
Recommended?: Yes

The Honda ATV that I purchased a few years ago has really come in handy while hunting. It is great for hauling stands in and out of the woods. The 4 wheeler also makes it easy to haul game that you have killed out to you truck instead of dragging it out. Some features on the one I purchased are:

  • Push button 4 wheel drive
  • Switch from automatic to manual shift
  • Push button manual shift
  • Front and rear cargo rack

The thing that I really like about the 400 is that it is easy on gas. I know that they make bigger models and the bigger models use more fuel than the 400 size 4 wheeler. The 400 will do any job that you would want done. There are many options that you can get for any 4 wheeler. Also the Honda 4 wheelers are very dependable and long lasting. So go by your nearest Honda dealer and check one out for yourself.

Good Hunting..