Field & Stream Strutting Tom and Sitting Hen

Reviewed by: Steve Leeman
Category: Other
Recommended?: Yes

The tom is very life like with a bright colorful head, a 9 inch very real looking beard and made of hardened plastic with beautiful drop down wing pose. The tail fan is also life like and secures to the back end with a molded plastic flap that folds over the rear end and is attached with velcro. The stake to hold the tom folds out and clicks in place and is very sturdy. The sitting hen
comes with a flat piece of foam that when you slide it in the open underside of the hen decoy if keeps it from collapsing in.

The instructions for the hen was to just place it on the ground but I was worried about it blowing away. To hold it in the ground I made a small hole in the plastic insert and took a stake from another decoy to stake it to the ground. The only negative was that the carrying bag for these decoys was bright orange (safety in transporting them) I would of prefered black or camo carrying bag.