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Duck Hunting Fever!!!!

Hey guys, just wandering what i need to do to go duck hunting. I have never been but really want to but i dont know anyone or have any idea of how to get into it. Im a deer hunter and I had a guy tell me not to do it. He said once i went i wouldnt deer hunt anymore but it seems fun and i really like all the action and i guess its just something different. I live in North east Alabama so if any of you knew some places around here or even a place close by out of state. Or if it would be better to find someone to go with or whatever the case may be. I just want to try it and see for myself if i like it. which im sure i will!!!!! thanks for any info....

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well I do both deer and duck hunt but at the moment its more deer than duck I just dont have the time to do them both If I really got into duck hunting like I would like, I would have to quit bowhunting. the problem is I have a kinda new bow. And MY thought is that duck hunting costs more.
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I cant help you out on duck hunting but since you probably dont live that far from me I have an idea..

You learn the ropes on duck hunting and then invite me to go with you!! Sound good?

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hahahaha, buckfever that sounds like a plan!!! Well im a die hard deer hunter and prob would never quit to actually just duck hunt. But i have always had that thing for it. Because you know how we all have bought some deer hunting dvd's just to pass time when the ladies are shopping on a friday night and i dont want to get out late. But i will buy duck hunting dvd's too and it really makes me have the itch for it. But i had a friend in high school that went all the time with his dad and they always invited me but i was always to busy for going. But now i want to go and they only deer hunt now and i havent spoken to him in a while. So i dont really know anyone who does and didnt know if there is some kind of like club or organization nearby that would be a good way to check it out or something. But buckfever, when i get to slinging the lead i will sure invite you guys on a nice little trip under the skies.......
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I grew up duck hunting on the marshes & farm fields in NW Ohio. My son now hunts duck, geese, and deer. The cost issue is what you make it, how many decoys do you need, more is better. If hunting water then a boat/motor painted camo will be needed. Never hunt solo when hunting water, too many things can and do go wrong. Try to find someone experienced in decoy set-up and proper calling it takes years of practice to do it well. Shotgun 12 ga, at least 3", many are going to 3.5" for geese. Small streams can be hunted from a canoe and a few decoys say 1 doz. Big water hunting and 6 doz decoys would be needed and a good boat. I don't think duck hunting or anything else would replace deer hunting but too many sports may replace the other half and that might be a bad thing.
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To me, I would rather goose hunt than deer hunt but then again, I am trying to even it out now.

Do you have a dog? If not, you will need a boat. "CANOES are dangerous!!!!" Too many times people drown using them and duck hunting due to hypothermia and so forth. There are too many deals on flat bottom boats out there. Look around. You will need a good motor and possibly a trolling motor depending on where you are trying to hunt.

Decoys: Go to roger sprting goods and look for the deals. It is where alot of the waterfowlers get there gear. Dakota, GHG, Final Approach, and Big Foot all make really nice decoys.

Calls: They range from about $10-$160 or so. Go to a Cabelas or local shop that has a display and will let you try them out. Get what fits you.

Duck Calls: RNT makes good calls, Echo, and there are others
Goose Calls: Foiles, Tim Grounds, Death Row Calls, etc.
Once again, get what fits you

Semi-Auto is really nice as you can really sling the steel at em faster.....

Waders: Don't skimp here.... Cabelas has some good waders and stand by there stuff. I have two different pair. One for early season and one for late season. The late season pair I have, have armorflex which gives it an extra layer of protection. Drake makes a pair that is getting a lot of hype right now. Lacrosse are good too.

You will also have to think about weights and rigging, blind bag to carry your stuff, decoy bags, waterproof gloves as well as a good warm pair for in the blind. If you are hunting fields, you will need a way to get your decoys to the field as some will not let you drive in and can be a long walk. Sleds and game carts work nice for this. I have learned to paint just about anything camo since starting and if I don't have spray paint on my fingers at some point during the winter, something isn't right.

One of the sights that I go to are or and also which are all good sites like this one and just ask whatever is on your mind and they will get back to you. You might even find some guys in your area that you didn't know hunting for ducks and geese.

Good luck to you..

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thanks for the info mac. i had a guy come in today at the store and asked me if i was slaughtering the ducks this year. I guess cause i had my camo work hat on, and i told him sir, i have never even been duck hunting. He said son you better realize that your sitting on one of the best flyways here and all you have to do is go get with the game warden and ask where you can hunt and go shoot em. of course after i bought stamp and license, but i thought hmmmm sounds good enough. but i do have a dog actually i got a 8 week old golden retriever but i didnt actually get him for hunting. i got him for the fiance but wouldnt hurt for him to chase a few well, should i have someone train him or is that even a good dog or train him myself. i know you need a dog but i didnt know what all has to be done. So guys, i do thank you all for the help and tips you have giving as i may not make a duck hunting trip this year i think i want to by next year so yal wish me luck and happy hunting to you all.
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I duck hunted from a wide bottom canoe for many years and never turned one over, actually in a marsh a good quality canoe is a bonus as it is nimble and quiet. Anyway there's a lot of good advice here. My son has been tearing up the ducks and geese in southern Ohio. They have a ton of equipment and do really well. Finding an experienced buddy would help you a whole lot. Good luck.
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yea hunting man i agree. i had a guy come in work about a month ago and he said that he lived in mobile and when he comes up to northwest al to do some work. they stay a few weeks and go duck hunting here and he got my card and told me if he got to come up this year he would give me a call and take me. But that would be really nice its just i wish i had someone here to just sort of get with and kinda figure out the ropes of it.

just dont really like hunting alone....
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I know what you mean. That's the very reason I'm having so much trouble leaving PA hunting camp for Southern Ohio hunting, is my good friends who happen to be good hunters. I hope you can team up with someone for next year. The pictures my son has sent here makes me want to go down and shoot a few birds. He hasn't extended an envite to his dad yet??????
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