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gfdeputy2 05-19-2013 07:22 PM

Got t done
after a long hard season dealing with birds that will not talk, went into hiding or just plain left the state I dropped the hammer on this nice bird 20#'s 3/4" Spurs & best surprise double bearded 9" & 7" Now with one more weekend to go I need to call two more one for the daughter & one for the Bro-Inlaw

Hunting Man 05-19-2013 07:30 PM

congrats man, nice bird!!! :pickle:

timberghost 05-19-2013 09:24 PM

Great job dep...great pic as well. Good Luck..............what kind of hat are you wearing?

gfdeputy2 05-20-2013 05:19 AM

only the most comfortable ball cap ever DHC of course

Hunting Man 05-20-2013 10:49 AM

I guess I had better break in my hat if success is from the hat. :bag:

gfdeputy2 05-20-2013 11:50 AM

I think so HM got my #1 ranked Turkey & #2 Ranked deer wearing this Hat
Turkey is #2 Ranked weight but had to Rank it #1 for the Double beard

forgot here is a pic of his softball sized head

BruceBruce1959 05-22-2013 07:07 AM

Congratulations downing ole bighead.. Cool hat too!!! lol

gfdeputy2 05-28-2013 05:47 AM

well Season is done for us even though it ends Friday
Daughter hunted Very hard this year with another season stike out
was really hoping this was the year for her but worst season I have ever seen looks like we try again next year for her first bird
Feel so bad for her 4 years Turkey hunting & we just cant get it done for her
well time to get ready for Archery season

Hunting Man 05-28-2013 06:04 AM

At least you are spending quality time and teaching her the right way. Her time will come! My son said Sunday he will be hunting in PA with me this year. It's been a couple of years since he bow hunted PA. It's a good feeling!!!!

gfdeputy2 05-28-2013 07:18 AM

Yes Sir HM she is my best hunting partner we do have a lot of fun score or not & I do love the dad daughter time
you don't know how long it will last
the oldest is at the point of her life where boyfriend is most important & Parents are just there for rides & money

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