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on_the_fly 03-29-2013 01:08 AM

Son is ready !! Now is just that slow countdown to opening morning for us,

gfdeputy2 04-01-2013 06:49 PM

bigevil Struting here bigtime & gobbling their heads off
couple pic's of my new Bloodwood /copper pot call

on_the_fly 04-05-2013 08:19 AM

Youth weekend is here ! Starts in the morning. We got a few nice birds in the area. Son already has one picked out. He is on the hunt for his first long beard. His biggest is 6" beard, said he's got the patience to hold out for bigger bird now lol........
Nothing says "finger licking better than a plate full of thunder chicken".....good luck to all !

gfdeputy2 04-05-2013 10:25 AM

OTF good luck to you & your son

Hunting Man 04-05-2013 11:21 AM

Hey good luck to all the spring hunters.

on_the_fly 04-08-2013 09:49 PM

Well youth weekend was a scratch, missed two birds, one sat evening n another sun morning. The second was a nice double beard bird. He had some realy bad excitement and flinching going on. O well, can't say I've never missed a bird,? Now it's how fast he jumps back n gets more practice to work on that flinch

gfdeputy2 04-09-2013 06:35 AM

OTF It happens
have had mishap after mishap with my youngest for the last 2 years
she has had tons of fun & told me the other day this year she is not worried about getting a bird just having fun like she had the last 2
she is learning she now realizes what hunting is about
& wouldn't doubt she gets her first bird this year with that kind of thinking
I think she put to much pressure on herself thinking she needed to get a bird

on_the_fly 04-10-2013 07:54 AM

Yeah , he has already got 4 birds, I think with the combination of, over excitment, worry of disappointing me, and my gun being a little much for him.
I think it's time to buy him his own proper sized to him gun, and put him back to the factory iron sights, think he had a little trouble with the scope on my shotgun.

gfdeputy2 04-10-2013 08:46 AM

I use Tri Viz sights on all my shotguns now
I got sick of mounting & unmounting the scope between hunting & skeet shooting have had them on for 2 years now & we like them a lot

gfdeputy2 04-26-2013 07:31 AM

Well NH Youth weekend starts Tomorrow I am excited & nervous for my daughter want her to get her first bird worse then she does But all I can ask for is us to have a Safe & Fun weekend. The Fun part we will have as we always have fun hunting together as she loves to blame dad when the hunt goes wrong (she is usually right):no::wallbash:
I am pretty successful when it comes to Turkey hunting just not with her LOL
well will keep you posted

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