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tator 10-14-2020 01:41 PM

This website is nothing like it used to be. If you're reading this and wondering what it used to be like, there were about a hundred of us guys/gals that visited daily and talked hunting and life. Now, this website is a joke. Forums are full of ads and stupid crap from trolls. I clicked at the top "new posts" and it came up with 2 from today. It's 12:40pm here where I'm at, 10 years ago, you'd have 200+ new posts by this time of day. Both of the 2 that were posted were ads from computers- NOT people.
How about you turn this back into what it used to be. All you're doing is collecting $ from these advertisers for taking over your website. Show some integrity and give this website up. You've completely dumped it and it's trash now. Heck, name you asking price I might be interested. My email is [email protected].

If you truly love deer hunting, you'd stop this nonsense. If you think this website is offering help to anyone, you're pathetically wrong. If you're new here, I'd suggest leaving, you're literally not going to find anything of use here unless you're wanting some apple product or some no-name product no one has a clue what it is....


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