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Scorpion8 01-25-2017 10:42 AM

Ruger 1894 versus Winchester 94
Had a Winchester 94AE (angle eject) in 44 Mag before and stupidly sold it off. Now thinking about another in either 44 Mag or 41 Mag as a carry rifle in the same caliber as my woods carry guns. Never had any experience with the Marlin version, the 1894 carbine. There's also the Henry line-up, so there's a lot to consider.

Thoughts? Anybody had any experience with all-either-neither that might have some comparison comments?

I'm not even sure there is an 1894C in this town to look at.

Karl.Luhr 01-30-2017 10:36 AM

I also stupidly sold off a Win 94 Trapper in 44mag
I also sold off an angle eject non sliding safety Win 94 trapper in 44mag. Oh well. I preferred the Win 94 as I thought it was smoother than the Marlin 1984 when I bought it. I also think it is easier to ignore the tang sliding safety on the new Win 94 compared to the cross bolt safety on the Marlin 1894. The Marlin 1994C in 357 mag has a whole different feel to it with a different forend and shorter barrel 18.5 compared to the 44 mag's 20 inch. I think there was issues with the quality of the Marlin 1894's from the factory. The latest I have read is that those issues are fixed but you will want to not order one blind as it may be older inventory with issues.


Scorpion8 01-30-2017 10:48 AM

Wonder if that quality issues was contemporaneous with the Remington purchase and takeover of Marlin production, especially following the move?

Karl.Luhr 01-30-2017 11:10 AM

My remembering on it
The equipment that Marlin had at the plant were worn out. Documentation present at the plant did not reflect the that. The factory workers with decades of experience knew what the settings on the machines were required turn out usable parts. Now move the worn out machines hand documentation to new workers and guess what, guns don't work. I have read they had to start over. Replace all the worn out machines. Engineers had to go back over the designs and with the new machines verify that the guns work after assembly. It was very UGLY to fix this, and some made it out the door. They should not have. QC should have stopped them from going to buyers. The current builds are supposed to be fine. I don't know how to tell which version you get if it isn't a JM Marlin. I think it will show itself in the gunshop if you take your time and really look it over for parts that just don't seem to be working together as expected.


Scorpion8 01-31-2017 10:29 AM

How about the Henry's? Nobody in my area carries Henry leverguns, but I see they offer one in <gasp!> .41 Magnum! That would be perfect to carry with my Ruger BH's.

Karl.Luhr 02-01-2017 07:41 AM

I haven't shot a Henry yet???
The only thing weird about the Henrys are the brass receivers and the tube magazine filled like the old marlin 39s. Without a loading port on the side of the receiver it seems wrong.


Scorpion8 02-01-2017 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by Karl.Luhr (Post 146074)
Without a loading port on the side of the receiver it seems wrong.

I agree there. The receivers "look" Marlinish, but you notice something wrong, something just does not seem right.

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