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Scrub Buck
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New to Hunting: What Rifle and Scope?

So I'm new to hunting and there are a few main questions I have. I like tactical rifles such as my ar-15 because of the looks and adjustable stock. So
1. Can I use tactical rifles such as my ar-15 for hunting? (I know you have to use specific caliber depending on what you're hunting) I like tactical rifles because of the whole rail system and adjustable stock.
2. Can hunting rifles have adjustable stocks? Every hunting rifle I've seen have fixed stocks.
3. Are use of magazines allowed in hunting?
4. Is there a limit to how much rounds can be loaded into each magazine?
5. My budget is $2000-2500, is there any rifles you would recommend especially for a beginner in hunting?
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The answers to your questions are all based on where you live.
My advice would be to call one of your local wildlife officers (Game Warden) and ask them all the same Questions.

P.S. AR's are nice and look cool but did you know all military Snipers use Bolt Action Rifles?
I guess it's for the Bolt actions superb accuracy and dependability,
so for me personally I'd rather have the accuracy and dependability vs. the cool looks of an AR. just sayin'
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I also like military rifles(tactical) but for hunting..

Military rifles are the best for fast repeat shots. If you are hunting and connect with the first round the fast second shot will not be needed. Also you are on a Deer hunter forum so I am guessing that you are after Deer. There are better cartridges available for Deer than the 5.56/223. Even if your State will allow you to use the 5.56 I think there are much better choices for Deer hunting. I would recommend 7mm-08, 308Win, 270Win, or 30-06. Any of these 4 will allow you clean kills with less than perfect shots at the animal.

These are my recommendations I give anyone looking for Deer rifle

Pick one of the 4 choices for caliber- 7mm-08, 308Win, 270Win, 30-06

Pick a bolt action rifle that fits them. Try several, one will feel better.
Verify that it has a good trigger and a tight action.

Pick a scope that doesn't overpower the balance of the rifle. Most users really don't need greater than a 3x9 power. Plan on spending atleast 150 dollars on the scope.

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In your price range you would end up with a very nice high end bolt gun. Being a wood guy I'd find the best walnut stock I could ie figure and nice grain flow. You would have a rifle most would envy. You will have to consider your current and future hunting plans and the game to be harvested to decide on the right caliber round needed. In the end a compromise caliber will fit 95% of any game you might hunt in America. Don't forget to consider recoil. Many hunters are sensitive to heavy recoil and it affects their accuracy. 270 win, 270 weatherby mag, 308 win, 30-06 rem, 300 win, are just a few rounds to consider. good luck!
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All of the replies are spot-on as far as I am concerned as I am an old-timer and grew up with beautiful wooden stocks and the classic deer calibers. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say, and lots of younger hunters, like yourself, like the modern looks and adjustability of the AR frame. There are are after-market synthetic stocks that are totally adjustable and they can be used with the better (and universally legal) deer calibers on bolt/barreled action, so you can have the best of both worlds. There are also AR type rifles that are built with excellent deer calibers (like the .308 Win., for example). I applaud you for wanting to use a rifle that fits you as this important feature is often overlooked by new hunters. My only STRONG recommendation is that you stay away from the .22 calibers for deer. I may start an argument here, but regardless of whether they are legal for deer in the area where you will be hunting, and although they can kill a deer, they just are not deer calibers, and many would say just not an ethical choice. I have seen deer hit with much bigger calibers with well-placed shots run long distances and even get away. Trust me, for an ethical hunter it's the worst feeling in the world, and more likely to happen with the .223 or similar bullets. Best luck to you and good hunting.
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More ramblings from Karl.....

Two things to never forget-
1. The thing you do the most with a hunting rifle is to carry it. That might sound obvious be it is easier to carry a rifle that weighs less than 8lbs total with scope and sling. If you rifle starts at say 7.5 then you add a heavy large scope and a leather sling it can be easily get to 9lbs. Not fun to carry in a hilly area or the mountains.

2. Recoil sucks, try to resist the urge to go with a magnum. They have their place and are wonderful IF you need them. Most hunters will never need the extra performance they provide. You need to shoot to become one with your rifle and a magnum unless it is heavy is not fun to shoot from the bench.

Enjoy your quest for your rifle, let us know what you decide on. It will never wear out an last multiple lifetimes.

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I agree with everything Karl said regarding rifles to use. I would like to add one to the list, and for a beginner hunter, you would probably fall in love with a .243. I bought one for my son last year and ended up using it more than he did. Left my baby (Remington 742, 30-06) at home.

James 1:2-8
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Scrub Buck
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I assume the ship's already sailed on this thread, but... to each his/her own w/ the AR-style hunting rifle. Most of the questions you asked would best be answered by looking at your local regs, but having said that, I recommend you go w/ a good bolt action rifle. I tend to be partial to the .243 for anything deer-sized, but if you think you might hunt bigger species, I'd suggest a 30 cal: .308 or 30-06. Lots of versitility in those cartridges. They don't kill you to shoot them like a 300 WinMag but there's plenty of power to take bigger game like elk if you know what you're doing with them.
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