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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
honestly, i dip every time i hunt, I'm no pro but I've shot some decent size whitetail bucks where i hunt (south carolina) and i don't think I've ever been winded because of it, then again it all depends. when i hunt in a box stand i usually just spit on the floor but when I'm in a tripod or a leaner i typically spit on the ground but sometimes i bring a spit can just incase. it also has to do with the flavor of dip you use, i dip skoal mint or grizzly wintergreen. if you use something like skoal peach or apple they may pick that up but it also has to do with the wind direction, if the wind is in your face you will usually be fine. hope this helps
I also chew a good bit while on stand and one of my favorites is an apple scented/flavored chew. Two incidents stand out to me; in 2010 we were in a drop camp in the Alaskan bush and awoke to find a bear ambling thru camp (camp consisted of one 9X9 tent). After it ran off, later that day my buddy could not find his bag of chew. It was found a few hours later with the distinctive claw marks of a bear on it and having been 3/4 eaten by said bear. That bear ignored all other food in the camp and only took the chew.

In 2011 I was on a bear hunt in Idaho in a wilderness area. I was sitting in a homemade blind overlooking a bear bait some 75 yards away. I turned my head to see a mule deer buck (in velvet) walk by me at less than 15 yards en route to the bait where he spent 20 mins licking the cooking grease off the bait left there. On his way back up the mountain he came even closer, and at about 5 yards, turned and walked right up in front of me, within less than a yard just on the other side of the branches making up my makeshift blind.

I wondered why he would be so interested in eating the grass right in front of my blind, but then noticed he wasn't eating, but licking the grass and then the branches, making up my blind right in front of me. It then dawned on me that he was licking my.....spit....my apple flavored spit. At one point I slowly slid my hand into the branches and he actually licked my hand (well, glove on my hand). He didn't seem a bit worried about that spit....lol.

Yup, true story.
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I'm a clean freak......haven't been winded in many many years, I can see where rifle hunting might not matter but for bow hunting no man scents please.
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Originally Posted by Mainer View Post
I love a good chew while I hunt, as I'm sure that many of us do.

Can deer smell it on your breath? Can they smell it on the ground from downwind and does it spook them?

I have heard many arguments about this between my hunting buddies (one of which is a registered Maine Guide.)

He argues that he would shoot me out of my stand when I hunt with him if he saw me dipping (chewing.)

His son thinks that he's full of it. He shot a few deer with a mouthful of chew in.

Our good friend sat on his property last year with a cigarette in his mouth, on his cell phone, with a beer between his legs and low and behold had to end the call early to shoot a 210lb. 9-pointer that walked up on him.

So, what are your opinions on chew?
I have seen deer and killed deer while on stand bow hunting, while dipping. I have had deer walk directly under my stand, stop, look around, and keep walking (not spooked). A deer's nose will far surpass anything you can do to prevent your odor. Dip is a foreign odor but it does not seem to spook them. They will walk down wind, up wind, crosswind, and with no wind. They also use thermals which bring scent up and down to them. If you are in a spot they use it makes NO difference. Some deer may avoid an area you are in, but if you are between point A and point B, you will get them.
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I use snus while hunting. Sitting in a stand can get REAL boring, and at least i can get a brief nicotine buzz here and there, plus the no spitting is a plus.
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Heres my thoughts on this. The first dew time i went hunting i did the whole spray down and dont smoke/chew routine. But call it laziness or just in a rush to get to the stand after work i quit doing all that. I am addicted to smoking. Ive been doing it for almost 20 years so quiting is rough. So yes, ill smoke while in the stand. Does it hurt me? Maybe, but ive taken some nice bucks through the years. And i dont really buy into the whole scent blockers and sprays. Do they work? Probably. The science is there, but remember all that stuff is relatively new to hunting. Our grandfathers and theirs didnt have all this technology and they still managed to get great bucks. Like i said, just.my opinion.
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Irregardless if they can or can't smell it. Take a small plastic bottle with a top on it (milk, sunny d, water, etc.) spit in it no smell escapes and it is light weight, won't spill and can be trashed as soon as you leave the woods to reup on tobacco supplies.
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Hey , guys, I wasn't going to say anything, but as long as Bruce mentioned it, you should consider kicking that habit whether you are hunting or not.
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smoking can eliminate bored
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