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Karl.Luhr 10-03-2016 02:26 PM

Look out Deer here comes the Noslers...
My Son is going to shoot 165gr 30cal partitions this year. His Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifle in 30-06 isn't a fan of the ballistic tips from Nosler. I will be shooting Nosler 165gr 30cal ballistic tips in my Sako 30-06. Both will be powered by 52gr of Win760/H414. It is interesting to me that every rifle has a personality all its own.

Neither of us will worry about bullet performance if we get a shot.


gfdeputy2 10-04-2016 07:56 AM

Good Luck to You & your son Karl!

Karl.Luhr 10-05-2016 12:10 PM

Thanks we can use all the luck we can get
Has anyone ever SEEN an issue with the Nosler Ballistic Tips failing on a Deer? There is always someone writing about it happening but they usually aren't quoting actual experience they saw.


Scorpion8 02-10-2017 10:45 AM

Not actually seen, but heard hear-say. I think most failures that I have heard about usually involve high-powered rifles at very short shot distance. I recall one guy told me his bullet (325 WSM) passed right thru a doe at 13 yards. Duh! That bullet was moving so fast, never had a chance to expand and do any internal damage, and left with almost as much KE as it entered with. I've never been able to convince the hyper-magnum nuts that a bullet that passes thru does not deposit ALL of its energy into the animal since it is still leaving at a high rate of speed. Wrong tool for the job.

roysclockgun 11-29-2017 06:06 AM

Hello Hunters,

I have been working at getting bang/flop hits on deer since the late 1950s. I began with a cut down Brit. 303cal. military rifle and factory ammo. If I did my job and made shoulder hits, the deer went down and stayed down. As I moved up the food chain a bit, I got a Ruger M77 in .243Win. No flames, please, but for me the .243Win. did not provide a wide enough wound channel and I did lose a few deer, when the blood trail ran out in heavy cover.

I moved up to .270Win. and 130gr. standard bullet design. I could have stayed with that combo, but I read too much. Not long before Jack O'Connor died, he said that if he were young again, he go with the .280 Remington cartridge, instead of the .270Win. I believed Jack and got my new rifle in .280Rem. and never looked back. I hand load, so no problems getting my ammo.

About the same time, again after reading too much, I went with lighter bullets in my hand loading, along with much higher muzzle velocity. The bonded bullets held together so much better than the older designs, that it was a no brainer to go to them and to lighter bullet weights.

Along with the lighter, bonded bullet idea, I wanted the higher velocity, because I cut my teeth on ground hog shooting and knew that bullet drop was a critical issue. After lots of observation on deer kills, I settled on the Nosler 7mm 120gr. Ballistic Tip (Hunting). That bullet is a stone killer and bang/flop producer. I get nice, wide wound channels and almost always a big exit hole that keeps the deer anchored, where they were hit.

The only complaint that I have heard from others, is that there is some meat loss with that bullet. My question has to be; are you willing to lose some meat in order to get a quick humane kill.

I have used the same load, with MV over 3000 fps, on everything from light weight pronghorns to large mule deer bucks, all with the same results. The only time I have changed bullets is on elk, when I went to 7mm 160gr. Barnes Solids, in order to assure that I could break a large bull's shoulder, if I had to do so. I have only taken two bulls. Both right at or near 300 yards. Because I was old and shaky and worn out from climbing, I had to hit both bulls more than once. However, both hits were killers, but the first hit did not knock him down, so of course, I kept shooting.

Please post back with your opinions and results?

Shoot straight in life,
Steven A.

Hunting Man 12-01-2017 02:16 PM

I do my best to stay away from shoulder shots on deer as the loss of so much meat isn't worth the shot. My son just harvested a nice 8pt in Ohio with a shoulder shot, most of the shoulder meat was lost. I prefer double lung or heart shot either will bring them down in seconds. I never got into re-loading especially late in life as factory ammo has advanced so much that I don't see the effort result in much gain. I now tend to shoot older rifles, Savage 99's in 300 sav and 250-3000 sav. Hope to locate another 375 Win or 444 marlin soon. Next year will probably find me toting a Marlin in 35 Remington for PA rifle season. I too think the 280 rem may be the best rifle for a one gun hunter. I was impressed with my son's new 220 savage bolt shotgun, very accurate and totes like a rifle.

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