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Scorpion8 05-18-2016 10:42 AM

.45-70 Handloads
Just picked up a Marlin 1895 in .45-70, so am looking for everybody's "favorite" load for the round. I haven't even sourced bullets yet, since except for a .30-30, I've never really handloaded straight-walled cartridges.

Hit me with 'em! :vs_karate:

Karl.Luhr 05-18-2016 01:52 PM

It will be really easy to load 45-70
I have loaded thousands of straight wall pistol cartridges and it should not be a difference for the 45-70. I know the 444 Marlin is basically a lengthened 44 mag. The nice thing is the worry about a stuck case is gone.


Scorpion8 05-19-2016 10:16 AM

I originally wanted a Marlin 444, but it looks like Remlin may have cancelled that model, and the cartridge has always been very expensive for some reason. Besides, I can walk into any mom n' pop store in the bush of Alaska and find .45-70 rounds. Bear medicine, of course.

I think I'll start looking at Kodiak Bullet Works bullets.

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