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Hunting Man 09-21-2011 12:53 PM

scope and mount
Got the new Nikon Omega scope and DNZ mount today. Waiting for the Omega rifle to arrive. I'm going to weigh the scope and mount to see how heavy they are as feels a bit heavy. The APG camo matches very well together. Can't wait to see everything together and head to the range to sight in the Omega and the son-in-law's Tradition rifle I got him. This is the first time I've used DNZ products. They even camo coat the screw heads!

Hunting Man 09-21-2011 09:34 PM

well they weighed 18 oz. Felt like more.

rack collector 09-22-2011 10:41 AM

I have DNZ Game Reapers on my Encore Barrels. They are awsome. My buddies saw mine and put them on their Encores as well. They are the only base/ring setup I will ever put on an Encore.

Hunting Man 09-28-2011 02:20 PM

Got the Omega yesterday and made a mistake on matching the camo. Scope apg, stock hardwoods. Not a lot of difference but my bad. From 10' can't tell. Oh well deer won't know. Wanted to hit the range this morning but raining/misty all day.

buckfever 09-28-2011 05:49 PM

When I bought my ML they didnt have any scopes in the APG yet. I ended up just going with a black scope so they would go better together.

Like you said though the deer could care less.

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