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frontiergander 03-01-2011 06:52 PM

Dirty CVA Action?

Does your Accura, Optima, Accura V2 or Wolf, look like the picture on the left?
I can't even tell you how many times i have opened my CVA Accura, Optima,Wolf and found t
he face of the frame covered with black primer soot. Not only is it ugly to look at, it can be a down right pain in the neck getting it off. At times it will come off with a simple cleaner like windex, hoppes, butches bore shine. At times, even those will not remove it! So we use a tiny ball of 0000 steel wool and end up taking not only the Primer Soot off, but the Nickle plating as well.

Well after playing around and trying to figure out an easy way to take care of this issue i finally found it. And the best part, All it takes is a proper fitting screw driver and some patience.

Tools you will need:
  • Proper fitting screw driver
  • White Teflon tape
  • Feeler gauge with assorted thicknesses
First thing you will need to do is get your rifle up onto a rest if you have one available. I am using the Tipton Best Gun Vise which makes scoping, cleaning, modifying my rifles/Muzzleloaders a real charm. If you don't have something like this, you can use a card board box and cut out some slits for the rifles frame to fit into and hold it snug. you have your rest all set up, go a head and remove the barrel from the stock and remount your frame to your vise.

Now that your rifle is snug in the vise, Go a head and get your screw driver set. When working on a muzzle loader or any gun in general, you NEED a good assortment of screw driver sizes.

"Left" Notice on your Factory CVA muzzle loader that the Firing pin bushing sits flush with the frame:

Visually inspect and find the Firing Pin
Bushing. This Bushing holds a TINY spring and of course the metal firing pin striker. the proper fitting screw driver and Remove these parts and put them into a plastic ziplock bag to prevent you from losing them. Especially that spring!

frontiergander 03-01-2011 06:55 PM the Bushing is out, Go and clean it free of any grease / debris. Follow up by cutting a 1" long piece of White Teflon "Plumbers" Tape. You will then need to wrap the threads of the Firing Pin bushing with this Tape as it will give it a tighter hold while installed. Once taped, reinstall Firing Pin - Spring and Bushing. Snug up the bushing and then back it off just a touch.

Now this is the part that gets tricky!
We need to take a look at the primer you will mainly be using. Primers come in all kinds of lengths. The set up i use is both the CCI 209M primers and Winchester W209 primers. Federal 209A primers are also close in length to the other Two. The CCI 209M primers are the shortest of the "hot" primers. With these primers you will need use your feeler gauge and pull out anywhere from the .014 all the way up to .016" thickness gauge.

Shorter Primers such as the cooler Winchester 777 primers, Remington Kleanbore Primers,CCI Inline MZL primers may work best with the .016 as these primers are shorter. These Three primers are the Nastiest primers to use on a factory CVA rifle as the mess they leave behind is just terrible from all the blow by. to skip back a bit, I want to show you what a factory CVA Accura looks like after shooting the CCI 209m primers and the firing pin screwed in all of the way.

On the left side we have CCI 209M primers fired in a factory set up CVA Accura. You can see that one half is pitch black and the other side is fairly clean. Why is this? My only guess is that when the rifle is fired, the primer
blows back due to the gap between the firing pin bushing and primer, Once the primer hits the bushing, the pressure then puts force onto the primer and cocks it at an angle therefore leaving us one one filthy side and one clean side. the Silver color primers on the left are Winchester W209 primers fired from the a CVA Accura after its firing pin was adjusted .016" out. Super clean and a simple Q tip at the end of the day to clean up inside the frame.

Now getting back to what needs to be done for a spotless CVA Break action Muzzleloader. shoot mainly Blackhorn209 with the CCI 209M primers. So for this set up, i will use the .016" feeler gauge and grabbing my screw driver, back the firing pin bushing out until its level with the .016" feel gauge. Once that's done, i will re-install the barrel.

Making SURE that there is no Charge in the barrel, install your primer into the breech plug and just gently close it. DO NOT SLAM IT! If adjusted correctly, there should be about a .008" gap between the frame and the Quick Release Breech plug. If you shoot a Pre-2010 you'll see the gap quite a bit easier.

Once you see this gap, burn it into memory. After that, break the action open again and then time, give it a good solid slam shut. Doing this will cause a "Crush" fit of the primer for basically a 100% blow back free Primer to Frame fit. You will no longer have a mess to clean, you will now get Consistent pressure into your main charge.

If you are using the Shorter primers mentioned earlier, just experiment and make adjustments as you see fit until its completely blow by free.

My brother in laws Wolf only needed the Firing Pin bushing backed out about .006" for a good tight seal up on the primer. Not all muzzleloaders will use the same adjustment so just have some patience and play around until you find the perfect Primer/Firing pin bushing adjustment.

This would even work on any other brand of muzzle loader that uses the same firing pin bushing set up like the CVA.

This mainly is to keep the action clean but in the same time, you're now going to be getting consistent heat-gasses to the powder which helps increase your accuracy. After doing this mod, ive had some of my best shooting i have EVER done.

deerless 03-01-2011 07:02 PM

Or just by a TC! Ha Ha:pickle:

Hunting Man 03-02-2011 10:06 PM

FG, that's a lot of info the average hunter isn't going to do and really should not have to do. You definately like tinkering with CVA's. The thing is I've never have purchased a bad shooting ML. I remember right from the start my TC Firehawk would shoot 1" groups from a wooden block on the bench and shooting a maxi-hunter bullet. Now if I shoot it from a adjustable rest it most likely would be a lot tighter. The Knight Extreme, TC Triumph, and Firehawk will all shoot 1" groups at 100 yds, without a fancy rest, so I have to ask why so much tinkering on the CVA's to get them to shoot what others can do with out messing with them. I know you like to experiment and see what your rifles can do which is great, I just don't understand what it does for joe hunter and his next ML purchase? It either says don't purchase a CVA because they need a lot of attention or you can get a lot more from your CVA that others can't only if you are handy with tools. I'm not sure I understand all the CVA stuff but I'm sure many appreciate your information regarding the CVA ML. Purchase a TC ML and just shoot it. :yes:

frontiergander 03-02-2011 10:12 PM

This doesnt improve accuracy or anything, its simply to keep things clean and to keep consistent pressures inside the breech plug.

Most settle for out of the box muzzle loaders, i like to improve things and make them better.

Why deal with a dirty action when 2 minutes of your time saves you cleaning, saves your frames finish.

I play with everything i can get my hands on, Pretty soon you'll see me shooting my sidelocks with BH209 and a 209 primer! Now THAT will be fun.

So much tinkering? LOL adjusting the firing pin bushing is about all ive done to my Rifles. My dads Apex has never been modified and that muzzy shoots like an ape on crack.

Hunting Man 03-03-2011 06:05 AM

I think you need a day job to keep you occupied some more, way too much range time...:surprised: Or you could change gun brands and have time to hunt, fish:thumbup: Just kidding there. You know if you would have started with TC products you would have to find another hobby as you simply just shoot them no tinkering required. :yes: I've said prior, CVA fans will find something useful with all your tinkering, I'm just glad I started out with TC. :pickle: Now get back to the range and do you have night lights rigged up yet?

Muley 03-03-2011 10:18 AM

There's nothing wrong with being passionate about something you enjoy. Sometimes FG is a little over the top on pushing CVA's, but he's not doing any harm. I've owned a couple of them, and they aren't bad guns. I bought my first TC inline lately, and I like it a bit better. I also bought a Tradition Vortek UL. It was a good gun too. Overall I like the TC better.

All modern inlines will shoot well after your find the right load. They should all be dependable too. You pick the one you like and have fun.

I find FG to be a good guy who is very helpful. He'll bend over backwards to help someone out. He's having fun tinkering and doing range work.

Nothing wrong with that.

scentman 03-03-2011 12:30 PM

I bought my Accura bout 2 months ago and have shot 30 or so rounds... then I find this site and click on muzzleloaders and find all I need to know coming from a gent willing to share his passion.
I don't have the time myself to explore all there is to know on tweaking things a bit, sooo FG is the next best thing! Thanks my man!

frontiergander 03-03-2011 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by Hunting Man (Post 53126)
I think you need a day job to keep you occupied some more, way too much range time...:surprised: Or you could change gun brands and have time to hunt, fish:thumbup: Just kidding there. You know if you would have started with TC products you would have to find another hobby as you simply just shoot them no tinkering required. :yes: I've said prior, CVA fans will find something useful with all your tinkering, I'm just glad I started out with TC. :pickle: Now get back to the range and do you have night lights rigged up yet?

I know you like TC and all, but the info of never having to mod or tinker with a tc just isnt the truth. Mike Bellm makes a living fixing the mess ups that come out of the tc factory. Weather is is the 4.5lb triggers the encores come with, or loose hinge pins, weak lock up springs, TC's certainly have their share of issues that need tinkered with. Like with all guns, not all are bad, you just get some that need a little extra love in certain departments.

frontiergander 03-03-2011 01:47 PM

LOL. no night lights set up on the range. That'd be awesome as heck though!

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