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Scrub Buck
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Trade in my Wolf for a Triumph??

I like my Wolf but after reading all of the issues with exploding barrels I'm starting to get nervous. I go to the range alot and put alot of rounds through my guns so I'd hate to be at the range alone with the Wolf after what I've read. My local gun shop has the standard Triumph and the Bone Collector edition in stock and said they do take trade ins. The wife wasn't happy when I mentioned getting another gun but after showing her what I read she's ok with it now. Any suggestions, am I over reacting?
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The Thompson Center muzzleloaders do use higher quality barrels than a Wolf. When I went to go buy my Knight KP1, which has a green mountain barrel, the owner of the place was saying how CVA's barrels tend to wear out quicker due to the weaker metal in it. That's all I know about it.
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Really only you can decide, however, as long as the budget allows I can understand trading in the old one. I can highly reccomend TC products. Just this year I went on line and found a 4-shot basic Triumph with a scope mount for $280.00 including shipping. Right now my load is 100 gr of Blackhorn powder, 250 gr TC super glide shockwave bullets, ccI 209 primers. This load gives me hunting accuracy 2" groups at 100 yds. When I can get in some serious range time I think I can get it to 1" at 100 yds.
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I would agree with HM on this one. I have a T/C Prohunter and can get a 2" group at 100 yards with the same load.
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Scrub Buck
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Thanks for the info it looks like I might have to get the standard Triumph instead of the Bone Collector to save some money. We'll see when I get back in town what my local shop can do.
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Scrub Buck
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Let me preface this by saying I do not own a cva so I'm not biased either way.

I would take what you read, especially on the internet with a grain of salt. Cva had issues in the past and in fact went under, the name was bought by another company and now has a huge chunk of the ML market. As long as you are shooting sensible propellant loads I doubt you and the thousands of others that own newer CVA's will have issues.

On the other hand if you have the money to drop on a T/C they are great from what I hear.
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First off I don't own a cva or a t/c. here's my opinion.

Trading a CVA for a Thompson Center has very little gain in fact i'll go as far as to say you would be better off trading the Thompson Center for a CVA based on cost and, "depending on the models being traded of course".

CVA's explains it best when they say,
A CVA is a lot of gun for your money vs. Thompson Centers A lot of money for your gun. No truer words have ever been spoken.

one example= here's a link for product comparison of the CVA Accura and the TC Triumph

It all boils down to the shooters satisfaction, both CVA and T/C have very satisfied customers so it isn't fair to say one is better than the other simply by product name especially when you know and understand the quality, durability, cost and features of both brands.

which ever you decide on good Luck with it and happy safe hunting always.

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Scrub Buck
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I've got a wolf and I love it. Great little accurate gun. I shoot 100 gr. 777 and 245gr. powerbelts with federal primers and can shoot about 3 inch pattern at 110 yards.
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BB, this is one area you and I will dissagree. TC makes far and above the best muzzleloading products period. Knight rifles I thought ran a very close second followed by the rest in a decending order. Just like most things in life you generally get what you pay for. With that said, all of them will shoot. Take a look on line and see which ones hold their value better, a sign of high quality. I do get to make comparisions as I've owned several CVA, Lyman, TC muzzleloaders. I'm not bashing any makes, but you'd be hard pressed to make me a believer that TC is not #1. Spend your money wisely the first time and you'll be happy you did.

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Scrub Buck
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TC is no doubt #1 in Muzzleloading. It is also "MADE IN AMERICA". On the other hand CVA is also a fine rifle. Their problems they had back in the 90's came from cheap Spanish barrels. They now use for the most part Bergara barrels which are top of the line. What you read on the internet regarding blowing up barrels happened many years ago. As mentioned above they have been bought out and are of much better quality now. There are certain people who online love to bash CVA badly and unfortunately new ML people listen to it. If you get a chance ask one certain person if he will tell you about the Savage rifles that blow up in your face. He won't cause he is sponsored by Savage.
I have a CVA Wolf among others, including TC products and I would not hesitate to use it at all. I do not recommend using 150gr of powder in a Wolf as I don't believe it can handle it very well.
Go to a shop and check out various rifles and select the one that fits. CVA Accura is a great rifle!
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