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old fart 11-22-2009 11:02 PM

70 grains of 777 enough??
i recently got a new cabela's timber ridge 50 caliber muzzle loader, i tried to fire the same load in it that i used in my optima, 80 grains of 777 and a 295 grain powerbelt.when i loaded and fired my groups was high about 4 inches and the best group was 4-5 inches. when i set the scope the other day i had 1and 1/2 inch groups. i shot a little more but my shots were no better than 4 inches, i was thinking the scope, then my friend asked was i sure about the grain i used the other day. so i decided to drop down to 70 if that didn't work go to 90, but i was sure that i used 80. well i used 70 when i loaded and fired bullseye then a second shot about 1 inch to right but still in center circle. i thought about trying for 90 to see how they group but decided that if i can hit at 100 yds then i'm good to go. but after i got home i got to thinking is 70 grains of 777 enough for deer out to 150yds?, i have never used that small amout of powder, but 777 is supposed to be stronger. and i'm wondering why my gun won't shoot 80 good?,could it be the shorter barrel on the cabela's gun? and if 90 would be better or worse? so have any of you all shot just 70 grain of 777 and if so is that enough to kill a deer cleanly? thanks for any help.

WisconsinDeer 11-23-2009 11:56 AM

Have you tried any other bullets in that gun? I use Barnes MZ Expanders 250 gr with Harvester Crush Rib Sabots with very good accuracy. The Crush Rib Sabots load extremely easy, I don't need a bullet starter and I can push the ramrod down with just 2 fingers. At first I thought they wouldnt hit the broadside of a barn being so easy to load but to my surprise theyre deadly accurate.This is out of a Knight KP1.

Hunting Man 11-23-2009 03:45 PM

I would think 70 grs might be on the light side for the heavy bullet you are shooting. I think more range time trying a couple of bullets is in order. I would stick with 90-100 grains of powder and see what bullet gives you the best group. I'm shooting Black Horn powder and 250 gr T/C shock waves with super glide sabots.

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