Deer Hunting Forums - turner's Album: A couple more rifle pics
A couple more rifle pics
35 cal rifles 
L to R: Marlin 336ER (356 Win), BLR .358 Win, Rem M750 Carbine .35 Whelen, Ruger Hawkeye SS .358 Win, Ruger Hawkeye SS .35 Whelen, Rem...
.44 bullets recovered from big boar
.44 bullets recovered from big boar
Browning BLRs in .325WSM and .450 Marlin
Hawkeye & Valmet
Ruger M77 Hawkeye 35 Whelen Valmet 412 12ga/ 308
JOC tribute rifle (left) and gift rifle for Wounded Warrior; M70 Featherweight in 30/06 (right)
Jack O'Connor tribute rifle in .270
Ruger M77 Hawkeye SS in .35 Whelen top 
Valmet M412 combo bottom
Verney-Carron Sagittaire in 9.3x74R top 
Valmet M412 in 12ga over .308 bottom
Sako 4
Late '50s Sako 3
Late '50s Sako 2
Late '50s Sako Mauser
Two 336ERs  in .356 Win
A Pair of 336ERs; top one is a 1984 build the bottom a 1985
Rem m673 in .350RM with 30mm Leupold 2-7x33
Marlins in (L to R) .356, .450 & .375
Both Marlin .375s, both are 1980 Manufacture (serial number 20XXXXXX)
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