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Conversation Between tator and tomlightfield
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  1. tomlightfield
    02-07-2012 01:23 PM - permalink
    One of the moderators must have seen it too and axed it right away before you saw my personal message. It said"I would like to ask you guys a question. How can you sleep at night knowing that you've taken the life of a beautiful and innocent animal". Just another tree huggin' yuppie who has no clue that if they don't get thinned every year, it's just a matter of not too many years before there won't be any for anyone to look at!! Bet ya' a gazillion dollars that person also voted for "the man with no past" and doesn't give it a thought when he(or she) picks up that 3 lb family pack of hamburger at the local market!!! Thanks for the response buddy! Keep the Faith!!
  2. tomlightfield
    02-06-2012 09:55 AM - permalink
    Hey Tator, check out the Shotgun Forum, there's an anti on there, maybe a moderator can "ban" before this person starts gettin' a bunch of really obscene responses?
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