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Turkeys and bucks and does oh my...
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The play DECK I built for my kids... it got kinda BIG on me! lol
Good for nothin coyote
Well HELLO tom!
Me Goofing off in my blind i the middle of the woods on opening day firearms season in MISSOURI 2011
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This is the broken ear buck right after I shot him!  Took this pic with my phone and it took me just over a year to figure out how...
PICT0588  Broken ear buck, again... avatar pic
PICT0809  Broken ear buck.. avatar pic
PICT1207  This is my broken ear buck I got this past fall.  It's the buck in my avatar...
PICT0246  Whitetail Kung-Fu
PICT0186  Wish this guy would creep by my deer stand when i'm actually IN IT.
PICT0128  Well hello there....
100 1071  This is the 10 pt I got this past fall.  It's the buck thats in my avatar pic.  I did my own mount on him.  I let the bleach get too high...
101 1118  my 2009 mount!  9 pt
PICT0537  On this night, my wife and I drove by this bean field (it's in the background) and there were 20+ deer out feeding.
PICT0433  some more jakes/toms
PICT0079  Missouri got an 18in snow this past winter.  Thought this pic was funny!
PICT0101  This is my coyote/dog mix.. only seen him once in person but would've been a 300+ yd shot.
PICT0172  OLD TOM!  hope to get him this spring...
100 0284  Live weight was probably around 160+ lbs.
100 0281  this is the 10 pt I killed w/my bow this season (2010).
100 0868  Body wasn't very big... live weight was probably low 100's.
100 0864   another shot of the 9 pt
100 0861   9 pointer i shot last year on opening rifle morning...  nice young deer.  probably a 2 1/2...
PICT0248   I just really like the look of this picture.  wish the doe was in more detail...
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