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Dcamacho13 10-31-2018 09:05 AM

Hunt Location Help!
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Hey everyone, new member to the site. I hope you all can help me in regards to determining a stand location for the upcoming gun season. After 5 years of missing out, I finally came across some land to hunt on. I did some scouting and I have a timber finger that connects to a tree line where a deer walked across me at 20 yards. My question is: should I hunt closest to the abandoned farm that overlooks the finger or set up within the finger? I don't want to disturb the deer pathway and I have found scat, a bed and a nice rub mark right in front of the stand that is currently on the property. The red circles mark stands that are already on the property. Let me know what you guys think

Hunting Man 10-31-2018 10:26 AM

First, lets change a couple of terms. Pathways to trails and scat to droppings. Most times deer tend to hang up just inside woodlines prior to moving out to feeding areas like crops. I like my back always to the sun meaning I set two stands in a given area for morning and evening stands and this also gives me additional options for bad winds. Looking for trails that form "Y" are usually better than hunting a single trail. Setting back from the woods line at least 20yds and keep in mind that you need to be 20 yds off the trails too will give you better chances to see deer in shooting range. This is my general archery set-ups. For gun hunting, elevated advantages are best with good shooting lanes covering escape trails or at least main trails on the property. Big bucks are going to seek the most protected places they can find when hunting pressure increases. If you happen to hunt a state that the rut and gun season are together then look for concentrations of does and the bucks will be there. You will have to figure out your hunting area by walking it and forming a plan for stand set-ups based on what you see. We cannot be your guide, only offer general experience. Always try to be as scent free as possible and be mindful of the wind and where your scent is going. Hope this helps some.

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