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tator 04-02-2016 10:39 PM

Your Saturday night, fire-side story. enjoy
OK so here's your SATURDAY NIGHT true story. At 7am, the day before the 2016 rifle season, I look out my back window down into the bottom behind my house to see if I see any deer out. I saw nothing. About 2 minutes later, my 4 year old daughter walks to the back door and says, "LOOK A DEER!" I say, no there's not, but I walked to the door just to look. She was telling the truth. It was a doe and it went into the woods just behind my kids' playset. (MIND YOU THE PLAYSET IS 30 YDS FROM MY BACK DOOR!) I walk away and get my clothes on for work and about 5 minutes later, I come back and look outside. I do a double take. I rub my eyes. Yep, biggest buck I've ever seen in my life IN PERSON coming up the hill towards my house. I'm in a panic. It's still bow season. But my bow? It's out in the truck. The buck would see me go from the house to my truck. I have to wait. He comes closer, closer, probably 50 yds. He stops, and the does an about-face and trots off back down into the bottom. He stops. 300yds away from our house. I'm watching, heart pounding. He comes BACK. Closer, closer, closer. Still, I cannot get to my truck until he gets past the playset. I think to myself, I GOT TO GET THIS ON VIDEO! Video starts, this is what you are going to watch. Buck gets past the playset, I SPRINT to my truck and get my bow. I come around the north side of the house, he's already in the woods, crossed the creek and on the neighbors land 60 yds away. I see him WALK off to the west, out of sight. I hunt, and hunt, and hunt, and hunt this buck for a solid week. My neighbor? Yep, let a brother in law hunt on him and he kills a "nice buck" this year. I ask, what did it score? He says, 165. I hang my head. :vs_sob:


BruceBruce1959 04-03-2016 07:36 AM

wow, that's an Awesome buck for sure. I didn't expect that ending but if there's one Buck that size you can bet another one that size isn't too far away...:thumbup: Good Luck next season Tator

tator 04-03-2016 10:17 PM

I hunted that dude hard for over a week. That day was the last day of bow season, and I went out that night, right behind my house but down towards the bottom. I did see a very nice, mature buck that night, but nothing like this dude. This other buck was still 100 yds away and I had no shot on him. I hunted all that weekend, hard, but never saw a single deer. Nothing. Frustrating. I did hear a shot to my south around 7:30am on the second day of the season and that's the shot I'm guessing killed the big boy. Of course, I didn't know what had happened but I hoped that it was a shot on a doe or a smaller buck. :)
Oh well, it was fun hunting him and still nice to know someone got him. I love the thrill of deer season. You just never, ever know!

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