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jake112 06-04-2011 02:09 PM

Hey this isn't so much about fishing as fishing lures. I was out fishing with a real cool guy the other day and although it's early in the season we were trolling for muskies. As we were passing over a crib I said, hey you know what we should do, we should get snorkeling gear and go down and get all the lures people lost down there! He said yeah i've lost probably 10 or 15 on just this one. And we laughed. A few days later i lost all of my animal pelts!(still haven't found them!) But any way while i was looking i found snorkels and masks in a box. They were practically new so i grabbed them out and called my friend and told him (different friend) we were going out to the lake to "fish" we are going on monday to "fish". Little does he know we are going to be diving down to 15ft to collect lost lures. I am certain we can find them. But i was wondering would the crank baits and others still be good and make it worth our time? Also any tips on snorkeling would be appreciated I've only did it once in like 12ft of water to tie a rope to a rail road tie so it could be pulled out. Once again any tips will be greatly appreciated.

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