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Buckshot 05-22-2008 08:27 PM

Surf fishing???
Alright, soon I will be camping on the beach at Hunting Island state park SC. Can't wait it's a long drive but we have seven days to enjoy. Needless to say I plan on doing some surf fishing as well as fishing off the pier and wade fishing the bay for trout and flounder.

I pretty well have the wade fishing and pier fishing down after living on the Gulf coast some years ago but the surf fishing I have never done. I have a pretty good size rod and reel set up with 20 lb test.

Any of you guys have any hints for me?

joel the signman 05-23-2008 06:38 AM

man i used to go all the you plan on tossing bait or casting artificials all day and whats the target fish?whats your set up like?

Buckshot 05-23-2008 01:50 PM

The set up is a 9' rod with a large spinning reel. To be honest I have no idea what is biting out there. I had imagined I would throw a bait of some type. I guess I can wait and see what everyone else is fishing for and then go to the bait shop.

joel the signman 06-10-2008 11:03 PM

sorry i never got back to you.I would use a bait rig .get a sinker slider put it on the line ,put a bead on next to cushion the knot from the slider tie on a barrel swivel,then make up your leader for striped bass and less toothy fish i use 40-60 fluro carbon leader about 36" long.then tie on a 3-4 circle hook.if the crabs are a problem put a float on the leader.between the swivel and the hook.If your fishing for critters with teeth like bluse use ready made wire leader blue fish hooks..sand/blood worms ,salted clams,chunks of baitfish,squis,shrimp all make excellent baits.make a sand spike from some 2-3" pvc pipe.the longer the better but remeber if ya got to carry it dont go crazy 3' should do it.If ya want to plug get some darters,chuggers/poppers,swimmers,and some tins like kastmaster or crocadiles.Go to the local shop ask some questions spend some money,not alot and then go back the next day and tell him how you did,they might be even more helpful cuz ya came back for more:thumbup:good luck

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