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dspagnolo 12-07-2017 06:12 PM

Savage Model 99 C Series A .308 Win VALUE
Hi All.....I'm new on the site.
I inherited a Savage Model 99 C Series A .308 Win (lever action...walnut stock) from my father.
I added a Bushnell 3 x 10 x 44 Wide angle scope thinking I'd use the gun for deer hunting. Instead,
I prefer using my Ruger bolt action 7 mm Mag with synthetic stock and the Savage is sitting idle in my vault.
I don't believe in owner something to look at it...I hoping someone has some interest so it can get used.
The gun has hardly been used and is in great condition. My father purchased the gun new circa 1975. He actually didn't even use the gun, his gun of choice was a Remington 30-06 semi auto rifle. I think he bought it as a back up gun or maybe he just liked the lever action.

I'd like to find out the value of the gun so I can ultimately sell or trade it.
I'd looking to purchase a modern black powder (Muzzzleloader) gun to enable me to hunt deer after the regular gun season.

Any suggestion where I can find a fair value for this gun?

Happy Trails.

Hunting Man 12-07-2017 10:09 PM

Daniel, I have a couple of Savage 99's and would be interested in possibly purchasing it. I happen to have a couple of nice in-line muzzleloaders so maybe we can make a deal. Look on Gun and you can get a good idea of value on the savage. Condition is everything in used firearms. My guess is something around $500.00 in very good condition. If condition is average then you get closer to the 400.00 mark for a mid 70's Savage. Obviously any deal even trades come under the ffl requirements. Most states allow a muzzleloader to ship directly to new owner as I have sold a few lately. If you can post a picture of the Savage on here I can take a look and let you know if I'm interested in it. I can add money on my end if needed. My book shows the 99C as being made in 1965, then in 1995-1997. The CD model was made in 75-81.

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