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Hunting Man 03-16-2015 08:41 PM

start looking
As soon as the buyer gets back in the states my Excalibur is sold and I will begin to look for a new crossbow. Like buying a new truck it has to have a "wow" factor. All options will be on the table but the first model I will look at will be the 405 Excalibur. The wow factor is the speed and smaller package.

tomlightfield 03-17-2015 08:25 PM

I remember when you first got this X bow Darrel and I believe you killed 5 deer with it the first season you used it. What's wrong with this one or just a case of a little faster, little more high tech?? Plus it sounds like you probably got a good buck out of this one.

Hunting Man 03-17-2015 09:22 PM

old friends are coming out of the woodwork, or woods:unsure:!!! I am interested in a bit faster, a bit smaller limb width, and high tech never gets old fashion like me. Ya my current Excalibur has taken quite a few deer so far and I have a buyer that wants it bad. I tend to change things every few years so maybe it's time. Nice to hear from you Tom, it has been a while. I hope all is well with you.HM

tomlightfield 03-17-2015 10:21 PM

Hey Darrel, good to hear that you still remember me, thank you. I know I've been MIA on the site for quite a while. I will try to not be a stranger so much. Yeah I really can't explain what happened with me other than I had some lifestyle altering changes happen but nothing drastic, I just neglected some of the things that I enjoyed, this site and moreso the guys on it.

Hunting Man 03-18-2015 10:26 AM

Tom, you and me both on life style changes. After a new experimental heart valve was installed I found out just how long it takes for the human body to recoup. I know this is a bit off topic for this subject but it is good to hear from on-line friends no matter the subject. I still like the simple recurve limb design on the Excalibur x-bows. I do think they may be a bit more noisy though my current model doesn't have the string suppression system so that is something I will be testing later this spring. I also need some OT money to make up the difference between my bow and the new one. After using a crank string loading system on a Parker I will not opt for that on any x-bow I purchase, takes way too long to load. The pulley system is quick and doesn't take much effort.

tomlightfield 03-19-2015 01:26 PM

I used to think those cranks were a good idea until I actually got a crossbow and found out how easy it is to cock one. Unless a person has a bad shoulder problem etc. I would think they are more of a nuisance than anything except if a person really needs one. I use my rope cocker to unload probably more than cocking. I've read that you should use the rope when you cock it to keep the string loaded evenly. I cock mine by hand sometimes and it has always shot fine after that. What model is the Excalibur you are selling HM??

Hunting Man 03-19-2015 03:20 PM

Vortex model, Tom. On stand I've had to hand cock it but it does put extra strain on the shoulders. I will see how hard the 405pfs model cocks with the rope. I can't see me wanting a crank loading system. The rope and pulley system works just fine on my current model.

tomlightfield 03-19-2015 06:11 PM

I did a little looking at the new unit you are looking at, geez what a rocket launcher that bow is! And I believe it has 290 lb draw weight? That one might be a little bit of a tussle to cock. The other thing was the prices of the upper end Xbows, boy am I out of touch with that. For me to even think about a unit like that I would have to get my wife a second job. HAHAHA!! Good thing she doesn't get to read these posts, I'd be movin' to the deer cabin.

RobertSmith 07-08-2015 06:16 AM

Yes, speed and price obviously a great factor when you buy any types of equipments. I prefer high speed equipments that helps me a lot during hunting process.

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