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timetohunt 10-24-2013 10:09 AM

I just wanted to share an expierence my family and I are going through related to church that is very heavy on my heart and has isolated us from family and friends.

Both my wife and I grew up in very proud Independant Fundamental Baptist Churches. My pasot growing up was very proud of his personal convictions mainly that all music with drums and guitars are bad, females shuold only wear skirts and you shouldn't hang out with other "christians" which allow such. Our youth group never associated with other youth groups becasue of this. Internally this led me to thinking that heaven would be made up of Baptists only and all other denominations were in trouble.

This year God has brought us to a point in our lives where we had to reavaluate this. We started attending a new church plant in the area that is not assoaciated with a denomination but is focused on Gods grace and truth and following the example that Jesus set for us. Subterra Church in Binghamton NY. My family is deeply upset and akward that we are not attending a baptist church anymore and most of our old friends have shied away too. We were already isolated by distance from famly and now there is this invisible yet blocking wall there also.

Its heavy, it hurts but we still have Jesus. There some more things that I would like to discuss here later but will save for a later date.

daddus1 10-24-2013 10:51 AM

I'm 66 years old so for me to leave my church was difficult but necessary.
God nudges some of us to go further than our nose and comfort zone, and some of us need a minor explosion to move. If your time was up at the previous church then we need to be obedient and move. In our case it was actually about the kids and grandkids. We wanted for these kids to actually experience God and Jesus and The Holy Spirt.
We found it and each week that passes we look at each other and ask what took us so long.
We got tired of the man wants and man invented "God laws" and decided it was not religion that was necessary but a walk with Jesus in Christian community and we found it in Jersey Shore, PA.
Hang in there buddy and just remember where we would be if Jesus "tapped out"!
your hopefully humble brother,
BIBLE= basic instruction before leaving earth!

timetohunt 10-24-2013 01:52 PM

When you get it it is so real - Relationship with Jesus vs Mans Laws/Tradition which equates to religeon. I=I am having a hard time getting that across to my family - my parents have visited our new church and were deeply disapointed because its not what they are used to.

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