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gfdeputy2 10-17-2016 05:30 AM

well this stinks this past weekend we had temps in the high 60's lows in the 30's-40's
next few days we are in the 70's then finally we will see some drop with highs in the 50's but rain (which we need bad)
so looks like I will take most of this week off from hunting deer may go out & try to fill my fall Turkey tag

Hunting Man 10-18-2016 11:14 AM

80's here in NW Ohio. Weekend will cool off but still warm for mid oct.

gfdeputy2 10-18-2016 03:11 PM

Yup we are usually in the 40's this time of year

Scorpion8 10-24-2016 04:44 PM

We've had a day of snow, and some rain, but nothing like "fall" is supposed to be here in SE AK. It's almost 50 and sunny today.

tator 10-24-2016 07:58 PM

We've had a mixture of weather temps here in North central MO. There for a little while it was back in the 90's and then it'd drop down for a few days into the 40's and 50's. Going to have highs in the low 70's for the next week or so with lows in the 50's overnight. Got youth hunt weekend this weekend (29-30) and I'm taking my nephew out. Wish it's get into the low 40's or upper 30's for it... :)

gfdeputy2 10-25-2016 04:37 AM

We are down into the 40's this week but of course I can't hunt getting ready to go on a trip college searching this weekend

Scorpion8 11-08-2016 11:42 AM

Fall finally arrived, which for us is a lot of rain, low 40's for temps. But the rut is here too.

Karl.Luhr 11-14-2016 11:32 AM

Meat ruined...
My Son's future Father-in-Law got a Deer with BP about a week ago. He let it hang in the garage for a couple of days until he had time to process it. Well with the warm weather we have had here in MN he threw away some meat that started to get brown. He said it didn't smell bad but was not taking any chances.


Hunting Man 11-19-2016 08:08 AM

70* last night at a local football game, today going down to low 40's and snow flurries tonight.

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