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Well maybe I misspoke earlier I am a trophy hunter I guess I will pass on deer if they have spots or a milk mustache other then that it is a tropy to me
this here is what I love about DHC I believe everyone has the right to hunt the way they want as long as it is legal where they are hunting but the majority of us are "average Joe hunters" not T.V. hunters don't get me wrong I would love to have a conversation piece hanging on my wall but when I walk into my man room & see my average 8 hanging there I can't help but smile & think of how proud my family, Friends & I was myself of my first deer kill & just think of that hunt. It is & will be my most memorable not because of it being a "big" deer but because it was my first & the experience was shared with family & friends
Bruce I agree antler soup tastes almost as bad as track soup
I will eat the meat over either of the soups any day of the week

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All year long i work on my food plots and know the kind of deer i have on the property. to me not shooting young bucks makes more bigger bucks the next year. im happy just seeing them off a stand.
its been a long time since i shot a doe but i have told my wife i will kill one for her this year, just to get her dad off her back because he says they are eating all his crop
Just going to the farm is fun enough for me
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Thumbs up

Well put everyone. I'm glad I joined this forum. This is my first year hunting and rifle starts this Saturday, if I get anything this year I'll feel blessed.
Then I need to continue practicing with my bow until I feel comfortable and confident enough for bow season next year.

As of now: '07 Martin Jaguar compound vertical bow. 55* draw weight, 29" draw length. 28" Beman, ICS. Bowhunter 400's 8.4 gpi arrows.
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If you want to see big bucks, I suggest you be sure to shoot some does here and there and let the little bucks walk. Culling does will keep your population in check and balanced, and I've seen this first hand. Where I live the people who were here prior and some of the neighbors shot nothing but bucks, and typically very young bucks at that. I didn't see any bucks except spikes the first year I hunted here. Approximately a dozen does have been culled from this property in the last three years and I tell you I have seen more bucks this year than ever. Still nothing big enough that I'd shoot it. A buck doesn't get to be a massive monster until they're five to eight years old, so if you're shooting all the eight point yearlings you'll never see a monster. You also need to get all your neighbors on board with this, because all it takes to throw the population out of alignment is a few idiots next door who don't know jack about deer and see a rack, any rack, on one and pull the trigger.
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I have passed throught he cycle. Ibegan just wanting to kill a deer, any deer. Then I wanted to kill a buck, any buck. Then it became a big buck. That led to a buck that would exceed P&Y minimums. Now I am back to just hunting. I shoot whatever I want and since both age strata and sex ratio are in good balance in my state, it has no adverse effect on the herd dynamics. The area where I live and hunt offers three does a day for the entire season and three bucks for the entire year. This year, to date, I have killed four does and two bucks and am probably done. I have noticed that now that I am back to just hunting, I am enjoying it much more than traveling all over the country chasing wall hangers.
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I quit hunting any specific deer a few years. After two decades of "trophy" hunting, I just flat went back to hunting. I sure enjoy it a lot more now. However, I can't understand why anyone who targets specific animals, i.e. mature deer or big antlered deer, would be upset of they don't kill one. Not killing anything never made my testicles any smaller.

I can sit here in my office and look at walls and some of the floor full of trophy animals. Yes, I enjoyed the hunt and enjoyed being successfull. Yesterday afternoon, I killed an 18-month old doe. I enjoyed that, too.
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I'd be happy if I could just shoot a buck period. All I've ever shot was one doe with a muzzleloader. I'll take a doe if I get the chance but id really like to get my first buck.
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Some excellent posts. There is a cycle. In my first years of deer hunting, just seeing a deer was front page news because there were not many deer. As populations grew and I began to kill deer, my goal was to limit out. Then it was to kill larger bucks and that progressed to killing only bucks that would exceed "book" minimums even though I had and have no intention of ever sending one in. After 20 some successfull years, I reverted to just shooting whatever I wanted.

In a normal year, I will kill twoce as many does as I dobucks. This year, so far, I have killed five does and two bucks. Both bucks were ones I had passed a time or so before they made me mad and I shot them.

I have my trophies. I have five walls full and several on the floor. My office resembles a taxidermy shop and I do appreciate being able to look at them and remember the hunts. However, today, I enjoy hunting more than ever because I have exactly no goals. I go to the woods and no matter what happens, I enjoy the day. I don't even have to see deer, let alone kill one to have a good hunt.

I don't worry about camo or scent control or anything. I just hunt. I try to stay clean and Ihunt with favorable winds but I don't freak out as I once did if I can't find my rubber boots. In fact, I seldom wear rubber boots. Usually I wear tennis shoes. But keep in mind, I don't hunt mature deer anymore. I have never killed a spotted fawn or a doe with one at her side. Other than that, on any given day, I might kill anything that walks by if I choose to or I might let anything walk.

Each hunter should decide what is best for them and that is all that matters.

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I'm like GFD,,, the thought of getting a nice mature buck is flattering and something I would love to have. But then again, when I go in MY man-cave I see that 9 point buck on the wall and smile. He's not the biggest buck ever, but he's the first one I ever took.
I'm also like scribe... but a little different... I started out wanting a big buck, then any buck, then any deer! lol I just love the adrenaline rush I get when deer come in view. I love the hunt, the stalk, the kill, the shooting, the tracking, the harvesting, the field dressing, and of course the EATING!

That said.. I'm going out again tonight for the first time in about 2 weeks. Having 2 youngens under the age of 4 makes it hard to hunt as much as I'd like. Going out in the morning too as it's doe season and I'd like to get a couple more does so I can donate more food to the needy. That's one thing I love and support,,, Share the Harvest and I encourage all of you to at least donate ONE deer even if you have to pay a little bit for it. Here in Missouri, in my county (Randolph) we don't have to pay anything.. just drop them off and sign a sheet.

James 1:2-8
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Our Hunters for the Hungry program is a mess. It costs $50 to donate a deer here. I refuse to pay that. I process my own deer, always have and I just won't pay $50 to give a deer away. I give them away for free all the time.
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