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joel the signman 06-11-2007 06:25 PM

ladder stands are great .by the way im built similar:biggrin:

Rozman62 06-12-2007 03:27 PM

As I have gotton older I have gravitated to latter stands. Of the 13 stands I got out in the wild 11 are latter stands. I use 15 footers on knolls/20 footers on
flat ground all on private land. Some are near food sources, others near bedding areas so they go hot/cold. I have had a few stolen even when locked. I've had a fear of heights but over it now. The latter stand with the full harness vest gives me the security I want. I wait post season to buy the stands from Wal-Mart,Sportmans Guide or E-bay. I have them out by July 1st for the season so the critters can get used to them. They are a pain to lug into the woods but worth it.:smile:

Rozman62 06-12-2007 03:33 PM

Apologies - Where you see "latter" in the above message, please replace with the word "ladder".

buckfever 06-12-2007 07:06 PM

no apology needed roz i think we could figure that one out. :biggrin:

what is funny is the fact that i did not even catch it till you pointed it out.

joel the signman 06-13-2007 02:28 PM

on a saftey note you should alll go to the treestand association of america website,i misplaced the link alot of recalls are going on and saftey harnesses as well.I have a copy of field and stream or outdoor life that shows the proper way to build them yourself ill have to look for it.Tree stands that is.Stay safe

10 point 06-17-2007 03:36 PM

I WAS TALKING TO HEALTHY PEOPLE.Handicap people have always been able to use crossbows in TN. They just had to get a doctors excuse.Im totally for that.I went to the local gun and bow shop and shot one with a scope.THERE IS STILL NO SKILL IN IT!!!!

buckfever 06-18-2007 09:01 AM

some kids just never learn. granted i agree taking a deer with a compound is probably more difficult than a crossbow. BUT like i beleive critter gitter said in an earlier post, you still have to be in the woods, find the deer, aim, hold steady, and all the stuff that goes along with a rifle or muzzleloader hunt at a reduced yardage.

just wait till i see you at church boy. its on :boxing: ...

just kidding folks im trying to teach this young un a few things about hunting. but yall know how teenagers can be.

joel the signman 06-19-2007 11:42 PM

Say no more

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