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Huntingman, you're absolutely right on this subject and if anyone tries to convince other people that taking poor shots is ok well that's just wrong and totally unethical.

Taking poor shots is not a good practice at all and when someone says "If you don't shoot you won't hit em" all that tells me is, that person could care less about how many Deer they leave wounded in the woods only to die a slow unnecessary death.

When a person acts in unethical manners it affects all of us Ethical hunters

I understand there's always going to be bad shots while bow hunting, it's murphys law but the ETHICAL hunters know we shouldn't add to the problem by willfully taking poor shots and I haven't even begun to mention the risks of totally missing the animal and possibly injuring other hunters.

Hunters already deal with a hoard of anti hunting negativity we shouldn't do anything that could possibly add to their anti efforts.

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unethical behavior,risky shots and those that encourage it are no better than someone who thinks its okay to drink and drive as long as no one gets hurt and you dont get caught.wrong is wrong no grey area at all
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Talk about highjacking a thread, this poor kid comes on here excited about his first deer kill and you all turn it into a rant about ethical hunting. You boys need to get out in the woods and off the computer.
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non of us are trying to tell him not to be exited about his first deer. we are just trying to get him to learn from his experiance, so that he dont take any more risky shotts in the woods. and wile i dont think we should be ripping on him, wich we arnt. i shore as hell wont be telling him that its ok for him to go out and take a shot like that again.
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that about sums it up
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in all seriousness buddy? i mean i don't think youu need to justify a shot that noone here saw you take, the animal, was recovered? the proof is in the pudding? i mean i understand some of you other guys, saying take ethical shots but it wasn't like you took a shot in the direction of another human? you shot at your game, and guess what you killed your game, everyone that has ever gone hunting has missed a deer , either with a bow or gun? u didnt even miss your deer? when i first started hunting it was in a family hunting club, we ran dogs the third deer i ever killed was a spike buck and i shot em dead as a door nail, took his legs out on the first shot, and hit him all in the chest with a second after he went down, nobody gave me a talk about how i should have shot the deer they were just happy for me.
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IMO you probably didn't make the greatest decision in taking the shot you did, but it worked for you. That's great that you managed to hit and kill the deer. Learn from your experience, and next time just remember how lucky you were. Luck isn't everything in hunting but sometimes it plays in your favor. But as my grandfather told me, "You can't always rely on luck coming to you in hunting, sometimes you have to make your own luck through your experiences and wisdom from them."
Glad to hear a new inexperienced bow hunter killed his first deer, take these experiences and hopefully collect more.
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Guys,thaks for all the advice. Like I said, this was my first time deer hunting and it being so, I actually thought that that kind of shot wasn't so bad considering I was on the ground and exposed completely. I did seem to have what you all call "buck fever" and really wasn't thinking straight, but you gota give me some room to improve, I'm only 14 to answer some of the age questions. I'm 14 years old. Just turned it last month.

My judgement isn't the best when it comes to when I get excited over something. It was my first time deer hunting period. Not the first time seeing a buck or a deer. It was my first time hunting. I did't know what would be considered an ethical shot and I didn't have any scent blocker or anything like that so I thought that shot was the best I could get, so I thought it was "ethical."

Well needless to say, I was wrong about the very meaning of the word ethical in all honesty. I took the best shot I thought I could get because that's what I've been taught to do. Also needless to say, I've been taught wrong obviously. (Don't tell my parents I said that ) I hate to play the blame game, but I don't think that all the blame should be on me here. My uncle gut shoots deer on purpose with a twelve guage slug out of season just to get them off of his property. I've been raised around stuff like that all my life, so I think that I deserve at least a little understanding here.

I now realize that that shot was a bad shot to take, thank all of you for the advice and explanation. Especially you hunt NH. I really appreciate you taking hold of the true meaning of where this thread was going.

Sorry for not responding sooner, but the last time I was on here, I only had four posts. I came on today and there were like twenty-four. I've been meaning to get on here, but my parents have been on 24/7.

Thanks again for all the advice. I'm now a more ethical hunter thanks to all of you and your posts. All you guys that tried to defend me, thanks, but the ones that were "ragging on me" were kinda right. It was a bad shot that I shouldn't have taken at all and I won't the next time I'm out in the woods.

I really just don't like that this is how my first thread on her turned out. Now if I start any thread, everyone is gona think of the unethical fourteen-year-old that thinks he's the best archer in the world. Oh well. Well thanks again for everything.

More posts welcome.

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WB, You're last post is a great one! Thats all we're were saying. I'm glad at 14 you got your first deer and you're grown up enough to see what we saw in your post. I hope your success continues in the future. I'm glad you could see through the well wishers and those of us who do our best to help, teach, and steer hunters to the ethical aspects of hunting.

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Hunt NH, good post, I think you're the one that got through. I think the young hunter is on his own and will learn quickly. Buckshot's post was really inappropriate, but I'm not that thin skinned to delete it, as it's our job to moderate this site which includes teaching ethics whenever possible. I'm glad all the moderators saw this the same way.
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