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JBS620 10-12-2019 08:15 PM

Plenty of does and minimal bucks
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I'm a relatively new bow hunter, I'm entering my 4th year. This season is my second year on the land I'm hunting. The land is 148 acres and currently planted with soybeans in Kansas . I have 3 trailcams set up and 2 treestands. One stand is about 20 yards off the crops and the second is deeper in the trees along a creek that runs thru the middle of the field. The creek has plenty of running water and there's hardly any pressure. I'm the only one who has hunted here in the previous 3 years. The land seems ideal as far as resources (food, water and dense shelter) are concerned. I have PLENTY of trailcam pictures of does and fawns but have only seen a spike consistently. I have ONE picture of one other buck which is a small 8 pt. My questions are this...

1) Do I have too many does and should I starting thinning them out?

2) Are the bucks there and I'm just not getting pictures of them?

Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a map of the field to give a lay of the land.

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