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!new bow hunter!

Hey there,

This is my first year bow hunting. I just bought a (kind of) new bow, it is 45lbs and I have been using it a lot shooting at 3D targets for the past 2 months or so. I just recently bought me a new climbing tree stand. I am really looking forward to Oct. 1st to get the season going off to a good start. Now I have been reading lots and lots of forums, threads, and so on about what to do and what to look for. Now I have never sat in a tree stand and hunted deer. The most I have ever done is just carried some slugs with me while I was rabbit hunting and if I saw one I saw one if I didn’t I didn’t. I just want to make my first bow season ever a good one. Any old wisdom and new that you guys can tell me to make my first season a one to remember?
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I think all of the guys here will say safety is 1# so to make it a season you can remember. Tree stands are great but it is very easy to get over comfortable with using them. If you do not respect them and think safety first they can do more than hurt you. Highly recommend finding a mentor to help get you started the right way the safe way.
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Well said wmi.. Tie into that tree so if the stand falls your still hanging on. Old wisdom I cant help you on but im sure some of the elders on here can hook you up. Patience during bow is what I had to learn. The deer seem to know what season it is so they tend to just stay right out of bow range. You also have to be very careful with the wind and your smell. Because how close the deer needs to be to you for you to make a good shot. Do you have any good acorn trees to hunt around? If so that where I would be early season.

Good luck and thanks for joining up.

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Very good points, and welcome aboard willkennedy, glad to have you with us.

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Originally Posted by willkennedy View Post
Hey there,

Any old wisdom and new that you guys can tell me to make my first season a one to remember?
If you're using a tree stand make sure you harness in. Your Safety is job #1.
The beginning of Bow season means you're the first hunters into the woods,
the deer aren't spooked yet so make sure you get set up in a location where deer have been active prior to opening day.
Don't squirm around too much and make sure you keep good watch on your surroundings..
Any movement could indicate a deer so stay sharp and check out anything you see moving...

Good Luck to you and post some pics when you get one. We love pics!!!

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most tree stands are sold with a safty harness..always wear that harness during the climb climb and desend..be safe.
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There's a lot to learn and I think you are doing the right thing by asking for advice. Here's a few.

1) Know your distance; shooting 45# a few yards will make a difference. Take some flag tape and pace off you yard and mark it.
2) Carry at least one rope two is better to get you gear in the tree with you.
3) Set your stand where you have good cover around and behind you. With bow hunting being able to see off is not really that good, it is far better that the deer can not see you.
4) Only carry the items you really need, don't look like a chuck wagon going to the stand.
5) Carry a small saw or better yet a leatherman that has a saw built in. You will need it.
6) When in your stand hunting, hunt. Stay alert and keep scanning the woods. I tend to focus more on movement than anything. Many times you will catch a leg move or an ear twitch as the first sign a deer is close.
7) Timing is everything. It's hard to say when is the best time to prepare to shoot when a deer is approaching. I generally will let them come in a little (not close) but enough where I can see what direction they are looking and how many there are before I get ready for the shot.

When to draw back is also important. Obviously you have to do it when they can't see you. That is where the cover comes into play mentioned earlier. Pull back to soon and you may not be able to hold for the shot, pull too late and they may get through before your ready. The best is just before the step into your shooting lane. Stop the deer before you shoot but grunting.
8) When aiming I find it helps me to find the front leg with the pin and then come up to a point right behind it.
9) When a deer comes in you can move at a speed in relation to the speed the deer is moving without being seen. As a deer moves, their view of the woods is moving, just like when driving down the road the scenery is constantly changing it is the same for a deer. If he is walking slowly you can slowly move without being noticed. If he is running you can dance a jig and not be seen. If a deer is at dead stop, unless he is looking the opposite direction, don't move at all. Only move when the deer moves.
10) It helps me be ready for that moment of truth if I sit in the stand and think through in detail some of my past successful hunts. If you don't have that to think about try to think through what will happen with it being a live deer and not a target.
11) I have a count that I go through on the shot. Bow up, draw, lock in. find leg with pin, steady, squeeze, follow arrow with aiming eye.
12) Don't outsmart yourself; take your first good shot.
For now the last thing to remember: to you it's a sport, to the deer it's survival can you match that intensity?

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Very well said Buckshot
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take your time

My main advice is take your time on your shot. My main problem as a rookie bow hunter and still today is rushing my shot. You ll feel much better if you lose an opportunity because of smart bow hunting than if you try to make something happen when it is not there. Take your time, let the opportunity happen for you, pick your perfect time to draw and then to shoot, and know where to shoot. There is nothing like releasing the arrow and seeing it hit the deer in the perfect spot. You ll be hooked.
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all great points so i wont repeat them i will say welcome to the crazy world of bowhunting,once you start you may stop other types of hunting.carry a wind checker and use it often.you will be amazed at how much the wind changes throughout the day,plus it helps to pass the time.welcome to the site look forward to hearing your hunting tales.keep that full body harness on tight and have a great time in Gods great outdoors
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