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All I can say, hellbilly, is there will be judgement day someday. The best thing to do is move on and start anew. You did the right thing because Jesus wants you to be part of a church that worships HIM, not themselves. Essentially what they are doing is changing the Bible to fit their lifestyle, which is wrong. I'm not saying they are not saved, but they are flirting with something dangerous when they do this in God's house. God's word is meant to be taken literally and the way it is found in the Bible. When we enter our own agenda into the Bible, we are essentially worshiping ourselves because we are placing ourselves before Jesus. Stay strong buddy- your church body needs you and they don't need someone to talk bad about the other "group". What they did was wrong, but it's time to move on and put that in the past. You all did the right thing by leaving even though I'm sure you don't feel like YOU all should be the ones leaving. God will reward you if you are intentional and by leaving the church to start anew because of the lack of true worship is definately intentional. Sorry for your loss and the hurt of separating God's house, but you are doing the right thing and good luck to you and your new family! Let me know if I can help at all- I'm praying for you all

James 1:2-8
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