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church devided

Really don't know were to start. So Ill start here and go from there. The church I have been going to for many years split today. It started many years ago before a lot of us went there. About 10 of the old members 20+ years there ruled everything. Could not keep a pastor because they would not allow him any power just preach. Well over the years more and more people came and some went. Most that went were people with kids. The older members do not want kids in the church. And would say things to them until they left. At one time my friend and hunting buddy started a youth program and had it going pretty go with 12-16 kids. Another pastor from another church heard about what my friend was doing, so they gave us a van to pick the kids up and be able to take them to events.That lasted for about 6 months then they told us they don't want to pay insurance or maintance on the van and sold it. No more kids. So this has went on for the past few years until a few weeks ago. OK now hope I don't get lost in this or ramble on,but there are a few things that must be known to understand some things. So, lets start here. My friend and hunting buddy is a pastor himself, but does not preach. He also had a bad life 20+ years ago with booze, drugs and women. He gave his life to CHRIST about 10 years ago. So in my way of thinking his past has become his testimony. Well a few weeks ago the decons came to the pastor for ideas on who else he thought would make a good decon. Well he said a few names and as soon as he said my friends name they stopped him and said Oh NO he has a reputation in this town. The pastor said wait a min. we all have reputations and both of you have one also. Which is your gay and to the other you cuss and drink with the best of them when your out in the hunting woods with the boys. So now to stage 2, next post

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