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Gee, lots of opinions here. I bought and used a lot of cheap scopes for years. I am now over that, done with that for any serious hunting rifles I now own. At the ranges you mention (under 100 yards should some who never bothered to take note) a quality scope in 1-4 or 2-7 will fill your bill the best. I think I know, owning about 35-40 big game rifles so topped.

At the lowest end of quality lies the Nikon Prostaff 2-7x32; a fine scope and will make you smile 99% of the time. Better.... a 2-7x33 Leupold VX1 and also a 2-7x35 Burris FFII. I might know, I own them all.

Mt best recommendation.... do NOT get a 3-9x40 of any make or kind, you DO NOT NEED IT!! The lower powered scopes I mentioned are better choices (MORE FOV) and lower priced than are the higher powered quality scopes some mentioned.

My choice ...... a quality 1-4x20 for your needs, but I tire of listening to those who DO NOT OWN a QUALITY scope of that type. So, get a 2-7 of medium objective size AND of good quality and kill you some deer!!
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