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critter gitter

i got a buddy that runs a bow shop that deals bowtechs. he does not have a website yet though. he is usually overpriced but if he knows he either beats the price or does not sell the bow he might be willing to hook you up with a good deal. he just sold member 10 point on here a diamond by bowtech set up and with half a dozen beaman arrows for $500. i think he gets those bows for a little over $300. then he spent an hour with the kid setting it up for him (draw length, cuttin arrows, etc.)

you would think that if your just buying it from him and he does not have to set it up for ya then he would be willing to make a deal for only a little profit cuz all he is doing is ordering and then reshipping it to you. if your interested i can pm his number to ya and you can give him a call or you can tell me the bow your looking for and i can ask him myself.

now this will only work if you know how to set your peep and everything else yourself.

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