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they claim you can see where your arrow is going in flight but as Daddus stated not easy to do with the speeds of todays bows but my main use for them is after the shot to help locate my arrow. I have had a couple arrows I don't know if I would have found without the lighted nocks
for me adding up my setup at roughly $30 for $8-$10 per nock for me it is worth it to help me find my setup most times you don't need it but I have had them burry in tall grass, had one that was a pass through shot but fletching got caught in the exit side of the hide and found 30 yards away where it came loose & was about 20 yards off the blood trail

I will say when using the Nocturnals I now put a small piece of tape over the switch hole. I could not believe with the speed of the arrow that the nock would fill full of blood making it hard to see the light even though they are very bright

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