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Illuminated nocks

Well a couple of days ago I went to the indoor range to see how my luminocks would fare. After shooting for about 1.5 hrs I came to some interesting conclusions. I thought that with an illuminated nock that it might help me to pick up arrow flight but as fast as these things fly I realize that was an error on my part. As I think back when watching the lighted nocks on TV I was watching from an angle and they were shot with a convential bow therefore allowing me to watch their flight. It's a little different when you are focusing on getting a good hit.The Luminocks did function as advertised every time without fail and really lighted up. (no lost arrows even in daylight). The only drawback was the first few times I shot, the nock had to be grasped by my leatherman and worked open, now I can do it by hand. So overall I guess they do what they claim.
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