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money is the root of all evil. Look at professional athletes 20+ years ago, even 30+ years ago. They were respectable and role-model worthy. They lived their lives in a decent manner and worked hard. Especially in baseball. Those guys were hard workers and someone you could look up to because their hard work paid off. They set a good example.

Today's world? Heck, look at the Lakers. Talk about a joke. You are 7+ games under .500 and you have supposedly the "best" player in the world in Kobe, and supposedly the "BEST" post player in the league, Dwight Howard, and one of the best all-time point guards in the game - Steve Nash and you have a GREAT rebounder and post player in Metta-World-Peace (a.k.a. DUMMY) and look at what you got? A bunch of money hungry, "it's all about me" attitudes all on one team. I guarantee you I got a way to get them playing together and winning again. Heck, if they'd let me take over that team for the rest of the season I'd even guarantee a NBA Championship- no problem. All I'd have to do is ONE thing......

Your pay is now going to based on how hard you play. NOT playing hard and hustling? NO PAY FOR THAT GAME- sorry. Oh and I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO JUDGE THIS.

James 1:2-8
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